When You Feel Like The Whole World Is Against You

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I had a really unique experience yesterday. I think we’ve all been at the point before, and if you haven’t, don’t worry. It’s coming for you. I felt down, and sad, and like giving up.

I’m going to give you a little bit of background on it for you.

I am an Ohio State alum and this week was rival week in college football. Even if you’re not a football fan, stick with me here. Rival week back home in Ohio is steeped in tradition, lore and pride. It’s always the week of Thanksgiving, and I think that timing alone has a lot to do with it. Everyone is home with family, they’ve had some time off from work/school/whatever, and they have a little more energy to put towards a football game than maybe they normally would.

So in a game with a lot of anticipation, we were ranked number 2 and they were ranked number 3, and somehow we find ourselves down in the 4th quarter. Our kicker who has been reliable as the sun coming up misses his SECOND miss of the game, and it looks like things are over. We went for it on a trick punt, it didn’t work, and moral is at an all time low.

Ever get upset and suddenly it’s not just the thing in front of you, but its 100 other seemingly unrelated things?

Instead of being upset that a bunch of young men aren’t winning a football game that I have literally zero control over, I start to look at my life. My business isn’t making as much money as I feel it should be. We aren’t traveling as much as a family as I want to be. I am not seeing my family as much as I want to. My parenting sucks. I thought by the time I was 35 I would be a millionaire on a beach, and instead I’m in a bar with a bunch of old people. I found myself in a shame spiral.

There is NOTHING productive about blaming. Especially when it’s coming from an emotional place. Here I am, surrounded by alumni (and I’m the only one who attended this millennia) feeling like a failure in life. Wallowing in self pity, thinking I should just give up while I still can.

And then the most amazing thing happened.

The football game picked up. Ohio State started actually making plays. They tied up the game. And then they scored again. And again. And I realized, like so many before me, that things can change in an instant. That games are a giant metaphor for life.

It looked bad, but they a way to pull it out. I sat in that bar yesterday, in awe of JUST HOW QUICKLY THINGS CAN CHANGE. In a football game, but more especially in business and life.

What would a few new clients do for you this week? How would that change “your game?”

Guys, we gotta stop getting down on ourselves about all these “outside” things. Your life, your business, your relationships can all change in an instant. The thing is, you just need to be ready. You need to be doing the activities and the things you need to be doing to get that big “W.”

Just because they were loosing the football game, doesn’t mean they stopped calling plays. Doesn’t mean they stopped going out there play after play, still running their routes and doing their blocks. Of course they did! If they didn’t, they were SURE to loose.

You need to go out there RIGHT NOW, and keep doing the things that you need to be doing to win. To get that next feature or client or big opportunity.

All you have to do is get in position, and keep believing.

It really CAN just be that easy.

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