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"Gretchen is an amazing business coach who specializes in sales strategies to help coaches craft a solid plan for success. I gained so much clarity and insight into how to overcome my biggest business challenges. I recommend her if you are looking to get immediately unstuck and on a path to clarity and confidence in gaining clients in your business."

Jacqueline C., 

"Gretchen thank you SO much! Seriously. It was really eye opening! I met with Gretchen to help optimize our social media presence and gain perspective of the wide world of social, and Facebook in particular. She is so kind and easy to talk to that we got right to work.

She gathered enough information about the corporate company I work for, our current practices and our short/long term goals in a very clear and concise way. Based on what she learned, she was able to advise me on some ways to begin reaching more people, and more of the right people, right away! She made me feel empowered and excited to put social media marketing and strategy in place to up our leads and revenue. Simply AWESOME. "

Melissa M., Business Develop Manager
"Even when you know exactly what you want to create, focusing on the road to getting it done can feel so freaking overwhelming! Because, lets face it, you are not supposed to be an expert on every part of your business!

So today was one of those days that by the time I was done listing my vision in a perfectly arranged mental bullet point list I was left feeling--now what?

In comes Gretchen Mall, the holistic business fairy godmother and takes the load off your shoulders, lays it down for you, and helps you see the big picture while highlighting the details AND then distills it into ONE freaking thing on your to do list!! Just ONE. Do you have an idea how empowering that feels?

Work with her and then come thank me later."

Yola M. Space and Theta Healer
"Gretchen is a Sales Genius. I took her course right before I was launching a group program and it was a total game changer. Before working with her, I was getting a lot of objections like "I am not ready" or "I don't have the time." The wisdom that she taught allowed me to change my sales mindset and go into the sales calls feeling totally confident and centered. I sold out my program in less than a week!!

If you are struggling with sales in your business, talk to Gretchen. It will be a business game changer.

Lyndsey L. Spiritual Business Mentor
Gretchen Mall is a natural at sales and she'll make you feel like one, too. Gretchen knows how to approach sales calls in a way that feels fun and completely eliminates any fears or limiting beliefs you may have about selling. She presents her knowledge in a clear, step by step way so that it's really approachable and easy to digest. Gretchen definitely knows her stuff!  If you need help with improving your sales skills and learning to sell in a non-icky way, she's your lady!

Rachel A. Business Coach and Online Marketing Strategist
Wondering what Gretchen can do for you?
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