Do you Trust Yourself?

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I just had the most remarkable experience this past weekend at a live event, and if you haven’t been to one for your business, do yourself a favor. Go to one. Your life will never be the same.

But it’s brought up a lot of “stuff” with me, and today I wanted to drop you an email about what’s weighing heavily on my mind. This is probably the MOST vulnerable post I have created so far.


Do you trust yourself? Do you trust what you’re feeling?

See, my background, if you don’t already know, is in sales. Corporate sales for 14+ years. I like numbers and patterns. Those are safe. But my heros, my sheros, are the ones that are bold and strong in their faith. Not really about the “numbers.” I see how everything works out for them EVERY TIME and how the circumstances seem to just, I dunno, come together for them. I envy that faith. That certainty.

That’s odd, right?

I can tell you it feels odd.

Here’s the thing. It’s very easy to trust when your being pulled to something you know and want to do. It’s quite another thing when you are being pulled in a direction and you have NO IDEA where that path leads. What’s at the end, where it’s going, or even if you can see the patterns or the paths or what you need to bring on this journey.

Maybe all you see is one step.

When that came for me, I started thinking, “why me?” Why would I do any such thing, when I have a 5 step plan and dreams and goals over here? Even though my heart is somewhere else.

And then I realized it’s fear. That’s my fear talking. My fear coming out and saying that I am not worthy to share my stories, my struggles, my success. The ooey gooey scary parts, and not just the ones that “work out.”

Those are just excuses. My ego trying to keep me stuck.

So the question really comes down to, am I ready? Are YOU ready? To take that scary ass jump off the edge.

Not knowing if you’ll fall or fly?

Like I said, my mastermind sisters and I went to IRLive2017 over the weekend. It was amazing. Even though we all 3 sat through the exact same speeches and talks, we all took away something different.

That one thing we needed to get to the next level. The one thing our souls, businesses, and minds needed to hear. That thing that we were most longing for, and the permission take it and run with it.

That is my intention with you today.

That you can look at this super long ass email (Iknowright?) looking at my fears and insecurities and still see what you need. Take away that one thing that YOU are looking for to make that leap off the edge.

To more happiness.

To more success.

More money.

Just More.

Truly, I believe that everything you want, that I want, is on the other side of this scary ass cliff. And your cliff may be different from mine, but I guarantee you have one in your business or in your life.

I know what my cliff is.

And I’m jumping.

Do you wanna come?

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