Your Money Story Means EVERYTHING

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What’s your money story boo? How do you treat your money? Like a sexy man beast, so excited to see when it shows up? Or like an old friend, expected and on time? Or like THAT friend, that never calls you back, blows off all your plans and every time you actually talk to them you go off on a rant about being reliable and an actual grown up?

How you treat your money matters.

As entrepreneurs, our bottom lines (literally) are our sales numbers.

If you do not have sales in your business, you do not have a business.

Every product in the world has a sales person behind it, and for those of us who are small business owners–usually that sales person is US. A lot of people think that the sales process starts with figuring out who your ideal client is, and then creating a marketing strategy for your product or service.

They’re wrong.

The sales process starts with your money story, honey. How you talk to yourself about money. How you treat money when it comes into your life. If you have issues receiving money, believe me, it will pop up in your sales calls. If you have problems sharing money with a spouse, the first time someone brings up a spouse objection, you’re going to project all of your money baggage onto them and miss that new client.

Since the first step in the sales process is to deal with your own personal money story, the question you should be asking yourself is this: How do you treat money?


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  1. Love this! Your Money story determines so much! I went thru my money story, and talk about it with my clients. Once I delve into my own, I could see a DRASTIC change in my business and my life-both for the better!

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