The Push and the Hustle

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I started my career for a mom and pop shop, but quickly moved into a corporate sales job and spent most of my “career life” working there. After having been in Corporate America for so many years, I started to live in the hustle. Anyone who’s done that grind knows what I’m talking about. Actually, who am I kidding I BECAME the hustle for a long, long time.

It was all push, push, push. Get this done, stay on the gas. Go, go, go. Literally nothing in my corporate life prepared me for the required balance of entrepreneurship.

There is no life-work balance. There is only life.

Once I went full time in my business, I quickly realized there was no 9-5 leaving work at the door. Hell, I had moved my office into our formal dining room. I didn’t even HAVE a door. All my responsibilities still existed. Mom stuff. Wife stuff. Me stuff. And it all lived right there, where my fancy dining room furniture should be.

I would be cooking dinner (on those rare occasions that I do so) and then pop back into my office to finish something. One more post. One more check in with a client. I never was able to put it down.

Something had to give. I started double booking myself, missing entire days with my kids. How is that even possible working from the formal dining room? I was freaking out, wondering if I’m working THIS hard already, what happens when my biz grows? Doubles? Will I sleep?

So I had to start practicing down time, just like I practiced my sales. The Yin to my Yang. The Pull to my Push Push Push. And guess what? Only then, when I took the time to prioritize my personal life and not work all the time, did the clients show up. Only then did the money show up in my bank account.

What do you need to do in your life to balance out the hustle? I’m not saying don’t hustle, you HAVE to hustle. You just ALSO have to enjoy your life. It’s not a work life home life balance. It’s just a balance.

We’re only here once, babe. Best make it count.

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