Can you be spiritual AND about business?

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This is a thought I’ve been thinking and pondering for a while now. While I’m 100% convinced that nothing is off the table, ever, I often wonder–if you have someone who focuses on business all the time, can they show their spiritual side?

When I was younger (stupid? immature?) I could not stand the reference of God in business. I felt it cheapened your message, and lessened your credibility. The older I get, the more experiences I put under my belt, the more I’m starting to challenge those deep held stereotypes.

I’m still not a “bible thumper” and likely never will be, but I respect the shit outta someone who’s business has a clear defined set of values. A message and a mantra to make the world a better place. Even if it’s just in a small way.

Here is the dilemma. Can you change mid-stream? Is it acceptable (to whom? why? who are you trying to impress?) to just start to infuse these beliefs and values onto what you do?

Even more than that, don’t you have a moral obligation to do so? To jump in, and take a stand for what you believe in? Even if it’s unpopular?

How do you KNOW it’s unpopular until you try?

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