Busy Work is the Devil

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Seriously. This week especially I have heard from several people that they are so “busy” they don’t have time to get everything done. That’s ok. Everyone has different opinions and lives and “busy” is one word I’m taking out of my vocabulary.

That’s right. I’m NOT BUSY.

I’m productive. I work on income producing activities.

How many of you have spent the morning rearranging your office? Cleaning out your inbox? Tackling the 4,000 emails that you didn’t even bother to read?

How much money did that make you? Oh, none?

If you are an entrepreneur, or commission sales, you don’t have the luxury of farting around. That doesn’t make you money. Everyone needs a break every once in a while, but if you’re so busy you’re running around like a chicken with your head cut off you’re going to burn yourself out before you make a dime.

You didn’t start this to have that frantic lifestyle. So stop it. Design your life. Design your days and do the things that MAKE YOU MONEY.

Let the rest go. Outsource. Create a power hour to get it all done and then move on.

Focus on the things that produce money in your business. Sales calls. Serve your clients. Ditch the overwhelm and the stress. You can do it.

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