Are you hungry or are you starving?

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There is a fine, but definitely well marked line between hungry and starving. I know for me, it’s about 20 min. I know if I get hungry, I had better get something to eat, because I’ll be full out, hangry starving in what seems like moments and to avoid that break down for everyone else’s safety, it’s best to just grab something now.

But what about in your business? What about your friends?

You are the sum total of the 5 people you spend the most time with.

Are they hungry or starving? Let me explain.

Hungry is good. Hungry is when you’re motivated. Just failed? No biggie, just found another way that doesn’t work for you. Just succeeded? FAN-Fucking-TASTIC. Let’s celebrate and get back on the grind, I’ve had an idea.

But starving? Starving is greedy. Starving is scared. Starving is fear, walking around on two feet. Those are the people that fail, and then use that as a sign because clearly they’re not meant for business. Or that promotion. Or that new house, or whatever. It’s not just failure they use, either. Success? Perfect. Just got that promotion. I should be good for the next few years. Just hooked a new client? Fantastic. Better take a break.

The thing is, I know YOU. You’re hungry. You want to succeed like you want to breathe. But what about your friends? Your peers? The ones that you spend the most time with? If they have a starving mentality, you are in trouble.


See, if you hang out with 5 millionaires, you’ll be the 6th. But if you have out with 5 people that have that starving, scared mentality, you’ll be the 6th. I GUARANTEE it.

So which is your inner circle? It fucking matters.

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